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The FSOMA Conference is Known for Classes with Immediately Useable Clinical Information

What you can learn at this conference:

Travel & Transportation

Getting to the 2021 FSOMACon is easy, whether you choose to arrive by car, train, bus, or flying in. We have done the majority of the research for you.

Select the image below that best represents your preferred form of transportation.

Be aware there are 2 Westin Ft Lauderdale hotels. 
2021FSOMACon is at the Westin Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort 321 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. 
Use this address when mapping your drive.

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Local Food Suggestions


Sobe Vegan is at the W Hotel which is a block or two from you. Great food, all vegan, casual. You can order and pick up or dine in. Here is a link:  It would be perfect if folks are looking to grab a quick healthy meal to go or to dine in. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For a fun dinner with good food and atmosphere, Roccos Taco’s on Los Olas is good, and CHIMA Steakhouse on Las Olas is good. Both have lots of options (including vegetarian and vegan) and you can take a golf cart to get there (ask the concierge for contact info).


Takato at the Conrad Hotel which is 3 - 4 blocks from you. They have a variety of food including sushi, as well as vegan and other healthy options. They have a great vibe and you can eat inside or outside. People also like the Hilton outdoor/indoor bar and restaurant which is about 2 blocks from you.


The water taxi stop is not too far away either. If folks have time cruise around, that is a fun thing to do.

COVID Safety 

  • FSOMA Directors, Staff and Volunteers will wear mask/face shields while in the Conference space.  
  • FSOMA strongly encourages that all 2021 Conference participants wear face masks and/or face shields while attending classes, the exhibit hall, all FSOMA planned conference events.  
  • FSOMA has confirmed that all Westin employees wear masks while in the FSOMA Conference space.
  • FSOMA has secured ample PPE supplies to provide Participants with a facial mask/shield as needed.  AcuMarket and Lhasa have donated masks.  
  • Treasure of the East has provided every attendee with a bottle of Double Jade Screen. 
  • The hotel has a MERV 8 Air Filtration.  MERV 8 filters have 90 percent efficiency on particles that are 3 to 10 micrometers in size.  They are considered one of the best in the market.
  • There will be sneeze guards on any food served
As an organization, FSOMA wants to model safety, respect, compassion, and humility in all that we do, and for all who attend the conference.